Volume 13 (2023)

Effects of stocking density on broiler chicken growth, organ weight and diet economics in a Philippine setting

Zandro M. Aguilar and Jesse Jay O. Villanueva

Evaluation of a Simulated Blockchain-based P2P Energy Trading System using an Isolated Rural Area Load Profile

Melvin C. Ilang-Ilang and Jake M. Avila

The Role of Social Ecological Resilience in the Psychological Well-being of Filipino Emerging Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Andrelenz M. Buenaventura and Ederlyn Marie D. Gatchalian

Developing and Testing a Social Acceptability Framework for Cable-Supported Water and Transport Infrastructure Projects in Cordillera Farming Communities

Angela C. Tenorio, Kelly S. Kidit, Jeneva A. Ludaes, Gabriel Joseph M. Lim, Anne Pauline DV. Guieb, Reanne Gail S. Hermano, John Lorenze R. Garcia, Jose Angelo M. Lorica, Jimwel Dave C. Manzano, and Emerzon Jhon B. Garcia

Testing the Effect of Active Water Cooling using Perforated Tubes on the Power Generation of a 5-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Panel

Thor Julicer Alvis and Gabriela Monica Gonzales

Volume 10 (2020)

PART A. Research Articles

Electrochemical Properties of Synthesized Fe-doped Amorphous SiO2 as Anode Material for Lithium Batteries

Maricris C. Cunanan, Benjamin Jose C. Alfaro, Jimyl Arabit-Cruz, Christian C. Vaso, Jey-R S. Ventura, and Rinlee Butch M. Cervera

Reactions, Behavioral Practices and Coping Mechanisms of Filipinos in Luzon, Philippines during the Lockdown Due to Covid-19

Paulina Bawingan, Keith Sigfred Ancheta, Katrina Mae Laranang, Rica Denise Alcantara, Jelene Quiocson and Aldulrazzaq O. Balain

Distribution of COVID-19 Cases in the Philippines and the Benford’s Law

Aldwin T. Miranda

Catastrophic Days Determination using Heuristic, and Box and Whisker Methods in the Philippines’ Electric Power Distribution

Edward Joseph H. Maguindayao and John Paul P. Manzano

Physicians’ Knowledge, Perceptions, Attitudes and Practices regarding Generic Medicines in Baguio City, Philippines

Mary Luz C. Fiangaan, Gaston P. Kibiten, Jaime T. Ballena IV, and Rhoda S. Lumang-ay

Part B. Computing Technologies for Application and Development

Web Application for Managing Insecticide Resistance of Mango Pests in the Philippines

Monina Gazelle Charina B. Carandang and Cecilia dR. Medina

Volume 8 (2018)

Modelling of Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Photovoltaic Module Performance Using Current-Voltage Characteristics

Adrian Augusto M. Sumalde and Miguel T. Escoto Jr.

Optimization of Protein Extraction from Chlorella vulgaris sp. using Response Surface Methodology

Jose Rafael B. Quidilig, Gino Apollo M. Guerrero, Denise Ester S. Sanchez, Kristel M. Gatdula, Ruby Lynn G. Ventura, Erwin C. Escobar, and Jey-R S. Ventura

Electrical Resistivity of Concrete Containing Crystalline Rice Husk Ash as Supplementary Cementing Material

James P. Lacia, Marish S. Madlangbayan, Marloe B. Sundo, and Richelle G. Zafra

Effect of Sintering Temperature on the Structure, Morphology, and Conductivity of LSM/YSZ Composite Electrode Synthesized Via Solid State Reaction

Christian C. Vaso, Arianna Benipayo, and Rinlee Butch Cervera

A Hierarchical Model of Service Quality in the Prepaid Mobile Telecommunications Industry

Marc Immanuel G. Isip and Riana Joyce B. Ortega

Volume 7 (2017)

Design, Construction and Performance Evaluation of an Indirect Solar Dryer for Fermented Cacao Beans

Rodolfo A. Aguirre, Jr., Rei-Ann M. Dayapera, and Carl Peter Christian C. Caampued

Bruising of Avocado (Persea americana Mill.) as Affected by Impact Energy, Fruit Temperature, and Storage Temperature

Lei Kristoffer R. Lactuan, Danilo J. Mercado, and Jaime M. Samaniego

Yield Optimization of Reducing Sugars from Acid Hydrolysis of Chlorella vulgaris Waste Biomass

Andrew T. Marges and Jaime M. Samaniego

Comparison of Chloride Penetration Depth in Type I and Type IP Cement Concrete

Claizel Coubeili L. Cepe and Maria Art Antonette D. Clariño

Comparison of Microwave-Assisted Synthesis Routes in the Preparation of SnO2 Nanograins by Chemical Precipitation

Krishia Bello and Paula Mayol

Effectiveness of Ceftriaxone and N-Acetylcysteine on Nicotine Withdrawal and Nicotine-Induced Reinstatement of Preference in Sprague–Dawley Rats

Ma Katrina C. Tagata, Rico Jose B. Dometita, Nikka P. Apostol, Karl Jose S. Balansay, Jose Lumbaya M. Claver, Kamille Anne V. David, Arni Charlamagne Victor G. Directo, Judy Mae P. Lawagan, Adrian A. Palaylay, Jeny Rose S. Policarpio, Rochelle Ann R. Ruiz, Lianne Camille F. Sinagub, Fritzie Mae A. Tempra, Abiel Carlo A. Villamor, Leo Emmanuel R. Bunag, John Anthony A. Domantay

Volume 6 (2016)

Effect of alkali treatment on the mechanical, physical, and thermal properties of sweet sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] fibers

Jasmin Z. Vasquez, Chester Romel S. Patalud, Paul Michael O. Tarnate, Shelah G. Ramirez, Erwin C. Escobar, and Christian C. Vaso

Growth and Yield of Tomato Applied with Silicon Supplements with Varying Material Structures

Maria Morissa D. Lu, Diana Marie R. De Silva, Engelbert K. Peralta, Alvin N. Fajardo, and Milagros M. Peralta

Daily Streamflow Forecasting of the Gauged Molawin Watershed Using Model Combinations and the Ungauged Eastern Dampalit Watershed by Spatial Proximity Regionalization

Mart Dayniel M. Clanor, Erwin C. Escobar, Romina Gloria M. Bondad, Maurice A. Duka, Jey-R S. Ventura, Adeliza A. Dorado, Maria Morissa D. Lu, Paolo Rommel P. Sanchez, and Francis M. Mulimbayan

Antioxidant and Antimutagenic Activities of Ripe Bignay (Antidesma bunius) Crude Fruit Extract

Jonathan M. Barcelo, Allen Rogers M. Nullar, Jhomel Kim P. Caranto, Abigail M. Gatchallan, and Iris Joy B. Aquino

Development of an Android-Based Maturity Detector Mobile Application for Watermelons [Citrullus Lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai] using Acoustic Impulse Response

Annie Liza C. Pintor, Marck Anthony A. Magpantay, and Marife R. Santiago

Development and Preliminary Evaluation of an Improvised Tension Disc Permeameter for Determining Unsaturated Soil Hydraulic Properties

Maurice A. Duka, Charles John C. Gunay, Rosa B. De Los Reyes, Joan Cecilia C. Casila, Jeffrey A. Gonzales, and Erwin C. Escobar

Volume 5 (2015)

Copper (II) Removal from Industrial Effluent Using a Coagulation-Flocculation Process Employing Rhizobium Extracellular Polysaccharide

Erwin C. Escobar, Ronald R. Navarro, Fidel Rey P. Nayve, Myra G. Borines, and Jey-R S. Ventura

Effects of Nanosilica Powder from Rice Hull Ash on Seed Germination of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Maria Morissa D. Lu, Diana Marie R. De Silva, Engelbert K. Peralta, Alvin N. Fajardo, and Milagros M. Peralta

Effect of Organic Soil Conditioners on the Water Retention Characteristics of Selected Fine-Textured Soils in Laguna

Ariel U. Glorioso and Victor B. Ella

Rainfall-runoff Modeling of the Molawin Watershed of the Makiling Forest Reserve Using Five Lumped Conceptual Models

Mart Dayniel M. Clanor, Romina Gloria M. Bondad, Erwin C. Escobar, Joseph M. Caburnay, Jey-R S. Ventura, Adeliza A. Dorado, Maria Morissa D. Lu, and Ariel U. Glorioso

Antioxidant Property and Total Polyphenol and Flavonoid Content of Selected Fruits and Fruit Wines

Racquel Barcelo, Alessandro Basilio, Iris Dell Calsiyao, Corine Bernadette Mabesa, Rean Mari Palconete, and Jenine Audrey Tobias


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